Stillness Is The Key ✺

Stillness Is The KeyI am on a Ryan Holiday kick.  I put down The Obstacle Is the Way and picked up his book, Stillness Is The Key.  It really is.  This books has three parts – Mind, Spirit, and Body.  I am in the spirit part, but just some of the things he says really resonates – like being present, slow down, think deeply, find confidence, avoid ego.   It’s  a great book that I am reading, and looking forward to finishing the rest of it soon.  I actually checked this one out of the library, and decided to then buy it.  I have an onyx e-ink reader with a scribd subscription (which is the way to go if you like checking out a lot of books and audiobooks), but something about having the actual paper form of the book I really, really like.  Another book I didn’t blog about that I read was Craig Groeschel’s Book, Winning The War In Your MindWinning the War in Your Mind.  Which was another fantastic book.  That one is Christian literature, and does a wonderful job matching what we know about things like anxiety to scripture.  Highly recommend that one as well. Well, it looks like I did a little blogging and not so much work.  Ah well, tomorrow is Father’s Day, so I am sure if I ask my wife if I can have a little time to myself to get some of my work done, I don’t think she will mind.   I hope everyone out there is doing well in love, life, and happiness -B

Parainfluenza virus type 3

A couple of weeks ago, Andrew got a flu.  It turned into pneumonia and sent us into the hospital with him for a week.  I think we all got the flu (my throat is super sore) and it just set us back a week.  But I am here to say that the little man got out of the hospital today and is currently napping in our bed with mommy.   That little man was strong this week.  Keep getting stronger buddy.  I love you and am a huge fan of yours. 🙂

The Obstacle Is The Way

I picked up another book, recommended by Tim Ferriss called The Obstacle Is The Way and I can’t put it down.  I’ll most likely finish it up here by this weekend.  it’s by Ryan Holiday, the same guy who wrote The Daily Stoic which is a good book if you are interested in what the stoics might have to say about life, bitten into little daily pieces.  The Obstacle Is the WayAll this good information about people who had adversity and how they overcame, persisted, and here I am, still working on my OSCP.   Look, I get it.  Life.  I have two kids, and it’s hard.  But I am not persisting.  TBH, I am reading a lot of these and falling short of a bit of action.  Much of it is because I haven’t changed my angle.  So I am going to do that again – this time with eCPPTv2 studying.  I have been working on the System Security portion of the INE material, and I am not going to lie, it suxs.  It’s very technical and not fun when all I want to do is start popping shells.  So let’s move to Network Security.   I got the idea from a dude on the Internet’s blog about it, and I need to do something.   Also, gotta stop eating so much.  I am trying Noom to count calories.  June started, so let’s start studying again and get back to weight control.  Like Gary John Bishop said “You are wired to win”.  You will win at everything you decide to do.  So let’s do it.

Whatcha Reading, Schwartzy?

This book is a beast, but I am already learning a few “tools”.  For instance, doing the 5 minute journaling is by far the way to go.  Also, Tim is going to get me off my crazy coffee kick and into tea.  I know it.  I started listening to the audio version of this book, but it’s really more of a reference – something to take away pieces that work which leads to cramming bookmarks in a whole bunch of places.  As I go through this, I’ll blog with the tools that I think are amazing and because I know who you are and you are just like me (lol), you will think they are too.

Trance Junkie Podcast!

Did you know that I ran a Podcast for a hot min?  It was really fun.  I still have the equipment and perhaps I will do it again.  It’s just that my office is already jammed with stuff and it would take me a hour to set up, like three hours to record, haha, and then an hour to break it all down.  But you can check out the podcast at  It even has it’s own twitter page (Isn’t that cute).

Internet, I have created another blog.  Why?  Because I wanted to play with Jekyll and I have a raspberry pi.  So, I give you,  It was a fun weekend project, and now, I have two blogs, so now I am scattered and have no idea what’s going on other than this life is a garden, and I am having fun.  My thought is to make this blog a personal blog and make 1m0va a Pen Testing blog.  I need to back it up though – having it run on a little San Disk is a bit risky.  Ooooh, challenge accepted 🙂  More fun things to play with!

GitHub & PTS

This book, well speaks to me.  It’s about time to get the wheels greased on this project.  The problem is that I am doing PTS as well, and I just got a teaching gig.  I am spreading myself too thin here, in my humble opinion.  So let’s take a poll in this next moment… ok, I am going to stick with PTS and put this one on the shelf to pick up another day.  Maybe in my PTS breaks.

Also, yay to another week!  Here are some of my habits – yesterday was MLK day, so I didn’t do that hawt, but I’ll get some checkmarks today.  Live on, people.  So I have exercise on there, 20 minutes at least 4x this week, gotta get in meditation, which Waking Up with Sam Harris is the way to go.  Read 10 pages, which comes from The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen, study, which will be the PTS, and fingers, well, I have a bad habit of putting my fingers in my mouth, so let’s not do that.

Starting my eCPPT Journey

INEWork has graciously bestowed on me the gift of the INE Premier Pass.  In there is the PTP course which preps me for the eCPPTv2.  So I am gradually going through it, and I forgot how many slides there are.  The class goes right into assembly, which is fine, but not too much fun.  I hope there are more labs and this gets more fun.  Because I am picking up little nuggets, but not a lot at the moment.

I have a year of the Premier Pass, so I suppose a year to go through the test, and I am going SLOW…. I need more “impact hours” on it.  At least 1 hour a day.  I can do this.  If you are reading this, you can check out my notes.

The Wealthy Gardener

I generally start listening to books, and if the book feels like it’s a wealth of knowledge, then I will buy a hardcopy.  The Wealthy GardenerI did this for The Everyday Hero Manifesto by Robin Sharma, and I did it for this book that I am currently reading, The Wealthy Gardener by John Saforic.  I can see why the criticism to the book in some ways – it follows the “Think and Grow Rich” mantra of the world is working in your favor, but it takes this to that a higher power is working in your favor, if you meet it halfway.  Why not?   I mean, I believe that there is more to life than we yet know, and all I know is my higher power has always been there for me.  Jesus said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”  Also, the lessons in this book about how to grow financially independent all make sense.  I like it, and I think it’s a good book to at least read and think about :).  So how did I come across this book?  Well, I stumbled onto Kristina Karlsson’s podcast through Robin Sharma, she recommended the book, I picked up, and here we are.  Check it out:  You won’t be disappointed.

Why am I not on Jekyll & Github?

Yes, WordPress is a place for a slew of vulnerabilities and not really seen as a good place to showcase my “technical work” as WP is generally for newcomers and easy-peasy blogging.  Well, one, I am fortifying this blog as much as I can to prevent it from getting hacked and two, I just haven’t learned GitHub yet.  I’ll get there.  Let me work through a few pen testing courses and in due time, I’ll move over.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, everyone.