I love meditation 👁️❤️🧘

Merry Christmas interwebs! Well, one day late, but still – and keep in mind that is the Catholic Christmas, not the Orthodox Christmas, which we will celebrate with my wife’s family on January 7th, 2019. So merry in-between Christmas???

There are a few things I love, and meditation is one of them. I can’t highlight how amazing it is – and with apps like Headspace, you really can’t go wrong. There is so much importance in the need for us to appreciate the present. I think when we train our minds on being present and aware, we appreciate life and the people around us. I am currently working through headspace on their Kindness pack but there are so many different types of packs, from mindful eating to taking a walk in the park.

I am on day 11 of my OSCP and the more I read about the test, and what it involoves, the more I realize that 90 days may get me to where I need, but I have to study. So my goal is 3 hours/day weekdays, 6-8 hours/day weekends. I think if I just inviest the time and energy, it’s possible. The OSCP is becoming the de-facto standard in Pen Testing, and I really want to get it. It would be such a confidence lifter for me.

Happy Wednesday, and press on.

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