Hack The Box!

Hello, friend. So I have 8 days left in the PWK course. 2 hours/day is not realistic on the weekdays, so let’s go with 1 for now. It takes like 30 min to just get back into the material, so yeah.

I am going to spend the last few days here going through BoF. Today, I just reviewed nc and ncat. Basic stuff we are working with here people. But it’s been sometime I have worked with this stuff… even just grepping commands when working with enumeration… like not even pentesting.

Hack The Box, baby.

Anyway, I also got set up on HTB, and put my little sticker on the right for all to see. I am a noob!! Yay! Actually I rooted one active box today. Ridiculously simple to grab the flags, but it was a nice little win. I will be working on HTB to brush up skills post PWK. I also got a VIP because I can then go through retired machines and walk-throughs, etc.

As my wife always says to me, it’s not when you get your OSCP, is that you get your OSCP. I honestly hope I get it before I die. ugh.

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