I feel so far from getting my OSCP… just a little burnt

I have been trying to study, but it’s been rough. My main priority has been my son, and that I think is a good thing. But right now, I have no work responsibility, and I am having a hard time working deep and smart. I am flailing around like a fish out of water.

I am thinking about working on the basics, but it’s just so rough getting through it. I want the sexy stuff, like working on a box all the way through to root. So I figured I would work on the basics for an hour and then do a VulnHub or a HTB… but it’s not working. I can’t think straight. I think I am a bit burnt out.

So I did BsidesDC, and i played in ProsvJoes, and I have to say, that I felt much better about it than I did last year….

I think I really still want this cert. Pressing forward, I will work on a VulnHub first and then dig into a basic again. I also need to think about when I will start the labs again. Maybe after things quiet down a bit from coming back to work.

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