Update with a path forward…

For the last few days of parental leave, I will have some opportunity to reflect and decide if I would like to continue my OSCP journey. As of right now, the answer is yes. If others have done it, why not me? I think it’s pretty common to take a test, and if you fail it, flail around a bit before getting your grounding. I feel like I have regained some grounding and have a path forward. There are a few rocks on the path, but it’s a path none the less.

I have 6 days – between now and Saturday where I will have some time to myself to do some deep work and deep thinking about my professional competency. I am going to not only use this time to reflect on that but also do some minimal fasting, exercising prayer, and meditation. I have a few habits that I need to place a stake in the ground on (little things) and work on my path forward with studying. I am inspired to do this through Bill Gate’s think-weeks, and also a book I listened to called “Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World” by Cal Newport. Cal is a computer science teacher at Georgetown University, and he book spoke loads to me.

I have really been thinking about the amount of time that I take studying around OSCP. Things like Bash, Python, Linux, and Powershell. I think if I do that, I will never get to the actual pen-testing. I needed something structured, and just doing Hack the Box/VulnHub wasn’t structured.

Step in PentesterLab. It’s 30 bucks a month and structured. I really like the fact that there is a public profile where I can show the certs I managed to get along the way.

Woot! It’s some direction!

I read a bit about it, and even though it’s a bit more web app pen-testing than OSCP which does cover web pen-testing. but also really focuses on network pen-testing, I really like it. I have done the intro labs and working through *nix currently. To pull in more network pen-testing and the full methodology, I plan on doing a retired HTB machine walkthrough and an active machine on HTB daily – till Sat. I will have to re-assess once I am back at work and don’t have as much time to myself.

I have also been using this blog more like an emotional dump of my studying. This blog really was more for the technical aspects that I was working through on the OSCP, so I will gear it more to that moving forward. No one really cares how I feel all the time. 😛

Once and if I pull some substantial time into PentesterLab and HTB, then we’ll chat about the OSCP.

On to the work!

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