My Co-op Work with CFMS

A couple of weeks ago, I was recognized in the Christian Family Montessori School’s Wednesday envelope for helping the school with their computers, printers, and network.

CFMS has a parent co-op to help keep the costs of school down. I get to make sure things are running smooth. Such as:

  • Activating network ports
  • Securing their passwords effectively (.xls -> LastPass)
  • Getting the main printer to work on Mac, Win, and Chromebooks
  • Cleaning up old computers so they are able to run quicker
  • Migrating users from one computer to another
  • Migrating the school email to Gsuite, porting over old email
  • Ensuring connectivity to shared drives

It has been nice to sometimes reflect on the little things such as helping with basic IT that makes me feel like I know some things as I push forward to learn more in my PenTesting journey.

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