2019 is a wrap!

What happened this year to me?!?!

  • My wife and I introduced Andrew to the world.  Yay!
  • I attempted my OSCP.  I’ll keep going on this.  I really want this cert so bad.
  • I reignited my love for books.  Right now I am reading Talking to Strangers.  Malcolm Gladwell has really opened my eyes to crazy biases we as humans have on strangers.  Be kind to your fellow stranger, peeps.
  • I had a think week – inspired by my man, Bill Gates.  It showed me that I can, with a shit ton of will and time, pass the OSCP.  But I should focus on my little man and my career at the moment.  So that is what I have decided to do.
  • Hung out with friends.  Brad and Kasia in some pretty fun cabins, got to know my co-workers outside of work a bit, and hung out with neighbors.
  • Volunteered with Bsides Charm city and DC and competed in Pros vs. Joes.  I felt much more comfortable with the competition this year than last year.
  • I went camping with my daughter at Bull Run Campgrounds.  It was really fun!  I think we will do this every year, for sure
  • Traveled to Montreal and Mendoza with the family!  Both were awesome experiences and we had a great time.  Montreal more than Mendoza, but both of them the whole family was together and that was really nice
  • Went to NYC and Baltimore for work.  Nothing too far away this year.  I think RSA in San Francisco is on the docket for next year.

So… what are my new year’s resolutions?

  • I am going to go vegan in January.   A little kid and his mom in DC convinced me.  I am also really unhealthy weight wise and I think trying vegan for not only the health benefits but respecting the planet, animals, and myself needs to be in order.
  • Meditate more.  I love meditation and it helps.  Even if it’s non-guided, I pledge to spend four days a week meditating.   Even if its for 5 min.
  • Focus on work for the long stretches.  I have some days where I have hours at a time to myself.    These times, I need to plan out what my goal is that day and do a Pomodoro for at least 2 hours (4 rounds).  This will keep me in step and not so worried about those big projects.
  • Be more extroverted.  I ruminate about saying the wrong thing, or not speaking up so I just don’t.  Then when I have to, it’s bad for me, but really, not all that bad in hindsight.  When I was a teenager, I thrived on relationships.  I need to be better at reaching out to people and saying hi.  We all need friends.
  • Couch to 5k.  Finish it.  I don’t want to put any more barriers around that other than I think if I run a routine three times a week, that should do it.  Once I finish out the program, sign up for a 5k and stay in shape for it.

Okay, that is it, people.  See you in 2020!!

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