Welcome to August.

While I am writing this, I am chilling in a hotel with my daughter, Mila, waiting for my wife and the little man, Andrew.  We are going to the beach for a week with my wife’s family, and it should be the bomb diggity (who says that?).

Look  at this house – I am super pumped to spend a week here.

That being set aside, what is going on… well, Mila and I spent two weeks at my mom’s place with Paul, and while it was comfortable there, mom and I no longer see eye to eye.  She wanted to bond with my daughter, but didn’t spend any time getting to her level.  Rather, she used her guilt tactics on my 5 year old to drag her to places she didn’t want to go.  It got so bad, that Mila would not be alone with my mom.  My mom and her husband are boomers who I don’t see eye to eye with politically, spiritually, and emotionally.  So we left early.  I couldn’t keep my daughter there any more.  I think we are going to take a break from spending any time together like holidays, etc..  I’d rather spend it with people that are warming, and just full of gratitude and appreciation.  I just don’t understand what she is living for.

Well, I am still vegan  except for the last couple of weeks, and I feel awful.  I got to get back on the bandwagon, do some running, and watch what I put in pie hole.  We’ll get back there.

As far as OSCP, I am losing it.  I can’t study right now as I am acting manager for my boss and things are insane.  It’s going to be nice to go back to my day job – I think I will pick back up OSCP studying in the AM.  I haven’t given up.

I still heart Illenium, Melodic Bass, Future Bass, Melodic Trap, all that music.


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