Turn your clocks forward!

Hell World –

Daylight savings begins today, which means it’s spring and the weather is getting much warmer.  I took a bike ride with my son yesterday, and fell back in love with living in the city.  I think a lot of people are – well, actually everyone, is pretty tired of being cooped up due to COVID.  It was nice to see people out and about outside, but a bit cautious because we aren’t all vaccinated yet.

I joined an ISACA book club, and read “Hackable” by Ted Harrington.  

It was a pretty easy read, but did highlight issues with application security – specifically black-box testing and app scanning.  Basically, just scanning for vulnerabilities is not enough.  You have to do application security testing.  Also, never do a black-box test.  You won’t get enough information, so white-box testing is the way to go.  Overall, a good read, and I recommend it if you are looking for something light to read.

On another note, I am picking back up PTSv4.  I don’t know why I haven’t gone for my eJPT yet.  I think if I can get some more solid studying in – basically finish the black boxes, I will give it a go.  Pen testing has been such a journey for me, but having the time to do it has been hard when the kids are up and about.  I’ll get there!


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