Am I picking this back up?

I feel like Moana – you know how the water called to her?  Well, this may sound a little nerdy, but my OSCP journey still calls to me.  It’s hard, like really hard.  Mad props to all those who are flaunting their OSCP on LinkedIn – I am going to get there, but it’s been some time, and I need to refresh, not cheat through walkthroughs, and just focus.  After some deliberation, I took a look at this comment from /u/Howl50vride and ultimately decided on The Cyber Mentor’s Practical Ethical Hacking Course to get back into it.

I think the course is a great place to take few steps back and just refresh.  From there, I think I am going to pursue my eCPPT and then onto the OSCP again.  I think a lot about my role now in cybersecurity, and I have decided that this will help it.  It’s not perfectly aligned, but that’s ok.   Who knows what the future will hold.  I should follow my passion and see where the world takes me.

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