GitHub & PTS

This book, well speaks to me.  It’s about time to get the wheels greased on this project.  The problem is that I am doing PTS as well, and I just got a teaching gig.  I am spreading myself too thin here, in my humble opinion.  So let’s take a poll in this next moment… ok, I am going to stick with PTS and put this one on the shelf to pick up another day.  Maybe in my PTS breaks.

Also, yay to another week!  Here are some of my habits – yesterday was MLK day, so I didn’t do that hawt, but I’ll get some checkmarks today.  Live on, people.  So I have exercise on there, 20 minutes at least 4x this week, gotta get in meditation, which Waking Up with Sam Harris is the way to go.  Read 10 pages, which comes from The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen, study, which will be the PTS, and fingers, well, I have a bad habit of putting my fingers in my mouth, so let’s not do that.

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