Stillness Is The Key ✺

Stillness Is The KeyI am on a Ryan Holiday kick.  I put down The Obstacle Is the Way and picked up his book, Stillness Is The Key.  It really is.  This books has three parts – Mind, Spirit, and Body.  I am in the spirit part, but just some of the things he says really resonates – like being present, slow down, think deeply, find confidence, avoid ego.   It’s  a great book that I am reading, and looking forward to finishing the rest of it soon.  I actually checked this one out of the library, and decided to then buy it.  I have an onyx e-ink reader with a scribd subscription (which is the way to go if you like checking out a lot of books and audiobooks), but something about having the actual paper form of the book I really, really like.  Another book I didn’t blog about that I read was Craig Groeschel’s Book, Winning The War In Your MindWinning the War in Your Mind.  Which was another fantastic book.  That one is Christian literature, and does a wonderful job matching what we know about things like anxiety to scripture.  Highly recommend that one as well. Well, it looks like I did a little blogging and not so much work.  Ah well, tomorrow is Father’s Day, so I am sure if I ask my wife if I can have a little time to myself to get some of my work done, I don’t think she will mind.   I hope everyone out there is doing well in love, life, and happiness -B

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