The Obstacle Is The Way

I picked up another book, recommended by Tim Ferriss called The Obstacle Is The Way and I can’t put it down.  I’ll most likely finish it up here by this weekend.  it’s by Ryan Holiday, the same guy who wrote The Daily Stoic which is a good book if you are interested in what the stoics might have to say about life, bitten into little daily pieces.  The Obstacle Is the WayAll this good information about people who had adversity and how they overcame, persisted, and here I am, still working on my OSCP.   Look, I get it.  Life.  I have two kids, and it’s hard.  But I am not persisting.  TBH, I am reading a lot of these and falling short of a bit of action.  Much of it is because I haven’t changed my angle.  So I am going to do that again – this time with eCPPTv2 studying.  I have been working on the System Security portion of the INE material, and I am not going to lie, it suxs.  It’s very technical and not fun when all I want to do is start popping shells.  So let’s move to Network Security.   I got the idea from a dude on the Internet’s blog about it, and I need to do something.   Also, gotta stop eating so much.  I am trying Noom to count calories.  June started, so let’s start studying again and get back to weight control.  Like Gary John Bishop said “You are wired to win”.  You will win at everything you decide to do.  So let’s do it.